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We are excited to introduce our new Airlight Technology Mattress Toppers.

Using our new Airlight Technology we have upgraded our existing range by creating springier fillings and ensuring a true summer sleeping side to our toppers.

Developed exclusively by MiniJumbuk, Airlight Technology™ is an advanced process we apply to wool fibre, allowing each layer to trap more air. This innovative design offers a softer and springier filling with superior airflow, for the creation of more comfortable mattress toppers that better regulate sleeping temperature. 

Our new mattress toppers incorporate several unique layers which together combine to provide an amazing cloud like and luxurious sleep. The wool fleece provides natural warmth and comfort while the inner cushioning layer(s) add extra support. The pure cotton layer keeps you cool, fresh and dry during warm summer months.

Good sleep rejuvenates the body and leaves you feeling more invigorated everyday. And no other fibre delivers healthy sleep like wool. Because wool naturally breathes, it keeps you relaxed and comfortable in every condition, we therefore recommend sleeping on a wool mattress topper to help enrich your sleep. 

MiniJumbuk Wool Mattress Toppers

  • Insulate your body from a hot or cold mattress
  • Reduce pressure points and provide cushioning support
  • Relieve aches and pains with natural warmth and healing
  • Regulate and maintain an even sleeping temperature

If you sleep too hot or too cold, suffer from aches and pains or irregular sleep, then you should invest in a new Airlight Technology MiniJumbuk Mattress Topper – it will improve your sleeping comfort.







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