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Here at MiniJumbuk we are continually looking forward; seeking ways to improve our products and ranges and to provide products that meet the needs of our customers. With summer approaching we are expanding our range and are introducing a new quilt to Harris Scarfe stores to complement their existing collection.

Proudly handcrafted in our Mill in South Australia, MiniJumbuk’s Airlight TechnologyTM Gold and Silver range of quilts first appeared in Harris Scarfe in August 2016. Using naturally hypoallergenic, Australian wool and quality fabrics, these deliciously light quilts drape softly around the body as you sleep, regulating your body temperature and keeping you comfortable throughout the night. Our latest addition to this range is the Summer quilt. Continuing our tradition of excellence and offering our standard 5 year guarantee, this 225 GSM, 60% wool, 40% cotton fill quilt is cool and lightweight.  The natural wicking properties of the wool and cotton combination allow you to sleep cool and dry all night, the quilt completing our Harris Scarfe range perfectly. All that remains is to decide which quilt you will choose.

Gold Wool Quilt - Insulate your body against the winter chills with the warm yet lightweight, machine washable Gold quilt. The layered wool in this warm quilt offers luxurious comfort and warmth, ideal for the cooler winter months. 

Silver Wool Quilt - Perfect for year round sleeping, the Silver quilt offers the environmentally friendly, safe and healthy benefits that come from sleeping with wool. Add a layer for the coldest nights, removing it as the weather warms, waking rested and refreshed with this mid warmth quilt.

Summer Wool Cotton Quilt - The Summer quilt is a wonderful choice for those who live in warmer climates or for sleepers that always get hot in bed. Alternatively, with its breathable wool and cotton construction, the new Summer quilt is just what you need for cooler sleeping on the hottest summer nights.

Products available at Harris Scarfe or online.







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