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Andrew Wray | Sales Representative

You are the MiniJumbuk Sales Representative in Queensland, what is your favourite part of the job?

I love working with the sales staff in stores and helping them to learn and understand the benefits of wool in comparison to other fibres that can be used in bedding products. It is also really satisfying when I have helped a customer to find the right product from our range to suit their sleeping needs.

Tell us why wool is a great bedding option for Queensland.

Wool breathes and it is the only fibre in the bedding market that allows the manufacture of quilts that can be really warm, right down to quilts that are extremely lightweight and cool for summer.
During winter in Queensland it can get quite cold, especially inland so the MiniJumbuk Warm quilt is a great choice. During summer the Cool and Light quilts are both great options for the warm Queensland climate, as both are wool cotton blends, ensuring maximum breathability for a cool and dry sleep. 

What is your ‘must have’ MiniJumbuk product and why?

 A MiniJumbuk Luxus mattress topper is my must have as you can really feel the difference between a bed that has a wool topper and one that does not. As I am living in Queensland I sleep on the cotton summer side all year round. The cotton side gives you a cool feeling along with supreme comfort from the wool fleecy pile.

What is the best advice you give customers for looking after a MiniJumbuk product?

Airing your product regularly will prolong its life. There is no need to constantly wash your wool bedding as the best thing for wool bedding is natural sunlight.







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