The Faces of MiniJumbuk: Rick Adams

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Rick Adams | Wool Carding Line Manager

You have been part of the MiniJumbuk team for over 10 years; tell us a bit about your role? 
My role is to organise the day-to-day production of the wool batts (the wool filling inside quilts and mattress toppers) using our state of the art carding line and to ensure that the quality is of a high standard.

Can you talk us through the wool carding process, what happens to the wool after it arrives at the MiniJumbuk factory?
First the wool is blended together through a series of hoppers. Then it is fed into a huge carding machine, which combs, teases and combines the fibres together to form a continuous web, just like a spider’s web but made of wool. A number of webs are then layered on top of one another on a conveyor belt. We then cut the correct size we need, eg single, double, queen or king, roll it up and weigh it to ensure it is the correct grams per square metre. It is now ready for the next process of pinning and sewing. 

What is your favourite MiniJumbuk product?
I would have to say that my favourite MiniJumbuk product is our Luxury + Mattress Topper, as well as looking beautiful it is awesome to sleep on. 

With spring just around the corner and the weather improving, tell us what you enjoy doing on your weekends?
After a busy week at work and now the football season is finished I enjoy relaxing and spending time with my family. 

Rick is celebrating his 40th Birthday next week (7th October), we would like to say a big “Happy Birthday” to Rick from the MiniJumbuk team.







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