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Sue Michell | Sales Administrator and Office Manager

You moved out to Australia 7 years ago from the U.K, how did you find your way into the MiniJumbuk team?
My husband is originally from Lucindale which is a small town near Naracoorte where MiniJumbuk is based. We decided to move to Naracoorte not long after we got married. I had worked in the travel business for a long time and really wasn’t sure what I would end up doing in Naracoorte. An office job came up at MiniJumbuk not long after we arrived and I was thrilled when I got the position. MiniJumbuk is a fantastic place to work, I have learnt such a lot and I am proud to be part of the team here.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
My role at MiniJumbuk is great because it’s quite varied and I get to do lots of different things. I particularly enjoy the marketing side of the job and have enjoyed seeing our website come to fruition and develop over the last 18 months. It really has been a labour of love! We are currently working on upgrading our Kids range, due to be launched in February 2016 and I am thoroughly enjoying this project too.

What are your experiences of sleeping with wool?
I thought all the staff at MiniJumbuk were brain washed about wool when I started. I mean how could a wool quilt really change the way you sleep? Not long after I began my job, we got our own MiniJumbuk wool bedding and my husband and I couldn’t believe how much our sleep improved. We were both sleeping better and I was truly amazed that our Thermal quilt kept me toasty warm during our freezing South Australian, winter whilst my husband who is a hot sleeper didn’t get too hot.

I thought that wool couldn’t possibly work in summer, but then we got a Cool quilt which is a lightweight mix of wool and cotton, again we both slept brilliantly.

Wool truly is an incredible fibre and perfect to sleep with.

What is your ‘must have’ MiniJumbuk product and why?
I love everything we have bought and I would never go back to feather and down or synthetic bedding which are the norms in the UK. My absolute favourite product is our Cool summer quilt. It’s lovely and light, and keeps us cosy on chilly spring mornings but also keeps us cool and dry on warmer summer nights.







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