Winter Sleeping for the Little Ones

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Young lives are precious, and wool helps protect and care for them in a safe, comfortable and natural way. Wool is naturally breathable making it a very efficient temperature regulator. 

In cold situations especially in winter, babies can struggle to regulate their own body temperature. While you want to keep your baby warm and cosy at night, it's important not to let baby get too warm. Overheating your baby is linked to an increased risk of Sudden Infant Death syndrome (SIDS). Wool helps overcome this problem of overheating making it an ideal choice for sleep.

Wool works by absorbing moisture vapour next to the skin, keeping babies dry and less clammy. The vapour then moves away and evaporates, helping maintain a constant, comfortable temperature.

It's rare for a baby's room to need heating during the night, but make sure you keep the room at a comfortable temperature. The room should be between 16°C and 20°C, with 18°C the ideal temperature. Use a room thermometer to keep your baby's room at a safe, comfortable temperature. It should feel about right for a lightly clothed adult.

To prevent your baby overheating, keep the cot or bassinet away from radiators, heaters, fires, or direct sunlight. Don't put a hot water bottle or an electric blanket in the bed either.

At MiniJumbuk we care about your baby’s health and safety, and we have developed woollen products for babies that can be safely used in cots. Our La La Lamb wool cot quilt and Baa Baa baby blanket can be tucked into the sides and end of the cot, ensuring your baby sleeps safe and sound at the perfect sleeping temperature.

MiniJumbuk creating healthy sleep for the entire family.







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