4 ways to sleep off a cold

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Despite every effort to remain healthy through the winter months, unless your immune system is at peak performance, it is all too easy to succumb to the dreaded lurgy. Fortunately, when it comes to fending off a cold, sleep is one of the simplest ways to keep your resistance high. 

Sleep provides a huge boost to the immune system and winter is the perfect time to snuggle down for an infection fighting snooze.  A well-rested body will have improved defenses against bacteria and will be better equipped to deal with infection should it take hold.  But once it bites, how do you achieve a bug beating sleep when you are awake, continually coughing and can’t breathe?

Steam up the bathroom - a steamy shower will help you to relax and unwind before bed. Better still; the warm, moist air will clear your airways making it easier to breathe. Keep the air in your bedroom moist with a vaporiser, especially if your throat is dry from breathing through your mouth.

Sip hot lemon with honey – vapours from your steaming mug will help you breathe, the lemon boosts your vitamin C levels and the honey will soothe a sore throat. Whilst coughing isn't all bad – it helps to clear mucus from your airways - it is annoying when you are trying to sleep and a teaspoon of honey can be a terrific natural suppressant.

Grab an extra pillow – you always feel worse when you lie down. Elevating your head and chest will help gravity keep your chest and sinuses clear.  You will drift off easily with your aching head propped up and comfortably supported. 

Hit the chemist –the chemist offers a huge array of over the counter medications that can ease the severity of your symptoms. Experienced staff will provide advice to ensure you safely select the best option for your rest and recovery.
The old wives tale says ‘sleep is the best medicine’ and with these simple tips you will be better in no time.

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