Which alarm clock best suits your sleep style?

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‘Morning people’ leap out of bed bright and early, but on these cold, dark winter mornings even the enthusiasts are finding it difficult to rise and shine. Increasingly we are turning to our smartphone to wake us which ironically may form part of the problem.

Exposure to the blue light emitted by our electronic devices, particularly for those tempted to respond to messages throughout the night is responsible for disrupting sleep. Ban electronics and invest in a good old fashioned alarm clock - sleep better and wake easier - an alarm clock makes sense! 

With the huge selection available these tips will help you choose one suited to your sleep style.

Extra loud alarms – waking to a blender or jackhammer at your head may not be ideal but heavy sleepers or those with diminished hearing will have no chance of sleeping through these very noisy alarms. 

Vibrating alarms - easily able to be attached to your wrist or popped under your pillow, these devices will quietly shake you awake leaving your bedfellows blissfully slumbering on.

Travel alarms – small, light and portable these clocks can easily be stowed in your luggage and are the ideal choice for any one, particularly those frequently on the move.

Light emitting alarms – perfect for the night owls, electronically imitating sunrise, these clocks start with a dim glow and like a rising sun gently become brighter, signaling the brain that it is now time to face the day.

‘No snooze’ alarms - if you are the type to hit the snooze button for a few more minutes sleep (which can actually make you feel worse) perhaps you should choose one that will not turn off until you get up to turn it off. Completing a puzzle, catching your bouncing clock or even 30 bicep curls are just some of the fun and healthy ways you could start your day.

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