How wool bedding relieves aches and pains

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Whether it is age, illness or injury related, we all know someone who suffers aches and pains. Any pain, but particularly the ongoing pain associated with chronic illness can lead to difficulty sleeping.  Here at MiniJumbuk, we have the perfect solution whatever the cause of the suffering – wool bedding. Hand crafted by local artisans in our Naracoorte mill, here is how our wool bedding offers comfort and natural pain relief in a high quality Australian product. 

Deeper Sleep – Sleep is the time for your body to rest and repair itself. Research shows that when you sleep with wool you have a lower, more consistent heart rate, sleep more soundly and wake more refreshed. The more comfortable you are in one position, the less you will toss and turn and the deeper and more relaxing your sleep will be.

Relieve pressure pointsMiniJumbuk mattress toppers offer an increased level of comfort and cushioning to your bed, distributing your weight more evenly and relieving pressure particularly around the hips, shoulders and back.  Extra support for painful joints means less pressure and more rest even for sufferers of long-lasting pain.

Sleep temperature – Wool is breathable. A natural fibre, wool has unique properties that allow it to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. If you suffer from muscle soreness or ongoing chronic pain, wool provides a therapeutic warmth, that can temporarily relieve aching and stiffness by relaxing sore, tight muscles. 

Health benefits – Many who suffer with chronic pain also suffer other associated long term health issues. Wool is naturally hypo allergenic, and has natural antibiotic and anti-bacterial properties. You can relax knowing that your bedding is safe, healthy and improving your quality of life.








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