Our Top 3 Picks for the Summer Season

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While wool is renowned for its warmth and cosiness during the depths of winter, it is equally wonderful for its coolness and comfort throughout the warmer months. The breathability and wicking properties of wool allow moisture to be absorbed and drawn away from the skin, where it evaporates, leaving you feeling fresh and dry. These amazing, natural characteristics make MiniJumbuk’s hand crafted wool bedding products a great choice for cool summer sleeping. You’ll find our three favourites below.

Cool Wool Cotton Quilt 
Designed especially for summer, this quilt is the perfect choice for comfortable sleeping as the nights warm up. Made to our traditional high standards, this lightweight quilt combines wool with cotton in a soft cotton sateen casing, ensuring the quilt drapes comfortably around the body. Cotton absorbs moisture and wool dissipates it away from the body, a unique combination that aids the body's natural cooling process, keeping you comfortable during warm nights. 

Deluxe Mattress Topper 
The Deluxe topper is designed to reduce aches and pains, and rejuvenate the body. With its deep fitted skirt, the topper is fully reversible, and intended for year round use with a pure cotton side to keep you cool and fresh during the summer months. With MiniJumbuk’s unique four-layers, this mattress topper provides natural insulation and regulates the body’s sleeping temperature. This means you shouldn't wake up hot and sweaty or freezing cold, summer or winter. 

Ultra Pillow Protector 
Prolong the life and increase the comfort of your favourite pillow whilst promoting healthy sleep with this Australian wool protector. All-natural cotton sateen cover with pure wool filling helps to naturally regulate sleeping temperature and allows your face and skin to breathe. Protectors are ideal for cooling foam and latex pillows that are too hot, and being machine washable are exceptionally easy care.







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