Sheep Wool vs Alpaca Wool

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Sheep wool is used in all MiniJumbuk products and we like to refer to wool as nature’s miracle fibre. Sheep wool has so many great properties which makes it perfect for wool bedding.

Why we love sheep wool at MiniJumbuk

  • Helps individuals and partners maintain a perfect sleeping temperature when sleeping with wool
  • Helps to ensure a warm or cool dry sleep year round.
  • Aids natural healing through more restful sleep and reduced aches and pains.
  • Ensures less interrupted sleep with lower heart rate and even skin temperature.
  • Safe and non-allergenic
  • Natural and renewable
  • It’s clean and white making it perfect for bedding

Alpaca wool originated from South America and is known there as the “Fibre of the Gods”. Alpacas are part of the camel family (Camelidae family) and there are 2 types of alpaca:

Huacaya - the most common type whose fleece is similar to sheep in that it has crimping along the length of the fleece & the fleece grows outwards from the body.

Suri - the fleece grows in a spiral formation and hangs directly down from the body like a curtain.

Colour - there are over 22 natural colours in alpacas, ranging from white, to a variety of fawns, browns, greys & black.

Most often Huacaya alpaca wool is used for bedding, and because it is so soft it is often mixed with sheep wool. Alpaca can be warmer than sheep’s wool because its fibres have hollow cores, like polar bear or camel hair, which acts like an insulator by holding in your natural body heat. We prefer sheep wool as this helps to naturally regulate sleeping temperature and is perfect for the Australian climate.








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