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At MiniJumbuk we believe that wool is a versatile, eco-friendly and practical natural fibre making it the perfect choice for wool bedding products.

We know that many consumers associate ‘wool’ with ‘hard to care for’. But here at MiniJumbuk we know that this is not necessarily true.

All of MiniJumbuk products are easy to care for without the need for regular laundering.

  • Before first use, we recommend airing our products for a couple of hours.
  • Airing your quilt/pillows or underlay on a warm, breezy day will decrease the need for regular laundering.
  • Laundering your sheets regularly will help protect the product and prolong its life.

Most of our products are machine washable; please ensure you always follow the care instructions on your product.

Almost all of our wool is sourced locally from the South Australian Limestone Coast area, as the region is clean and green, making it ideal for wool growing. Our wool is then thoroughly cleaned and is processed with the most robust, proven technologies available to provide for machine wash and tumble dry wool.

The Woolmark Company is working tirelessly to educate Australians about wool and its benefits and recently they have launched a campaign to promote Australian washable wool – “Tested by Nature; Tested by us”.

The main purpose of the washable wool campaign is to change the perception that wool is difficult to care for, and help align consumer perceptions to the modern wool products available. 

Rest assured that our wool in all products labelled as “machine wash and tumble dry” has been treated to prevent shrinkage and has gone through rigorous testing to make sure it is safe to machine wash.

We just love this short video that the Woolmark Company has put together to promote machine washable wool and we hope you enjoy watching it too.







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