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The Airlight Story

The Airlight Story

Introducing our new Airlight TechnologyTM video.

View The Airlight Story videohere

In our brand new video, Managing Director Darren Turner takes us through the details of the Airlight process and explains how this new technology enables MiniJumbuk to make the best quilts yet. With more air trapped between the wool fibres our quilts are lighter and provide ultimate warmth and comfort.

Not all of our quilts are made for Winter, using the same Airlight technologyTM, we are also able to make two fabulous lightweight wool cotton quilts that are perfect for Summer and warmer climate sleeping.

Deciding which quilt from the new Airlight range is the right one for you is so easy. Simply decide how warm you want to be on a scale of one to five and find your number in the list below!

No 1. - Our one layer Light quilt with one layer of Airlight wool cotton filling and a superfine cotton sateen casing. This is our lightest, coolest and most luxurious Summer weight quilt.
No 2. - The two layer Cool wool cotton quilt, with two layers of Airlight wool cotton filling and a diamond quilting pattern. Perfect for Summer sleeping with cotton keeping you cool and dry whilst the wool regulates sleeping temperature.
No 3. - Three layer Everyday wool quilt. This quilt has three layers of Airlight wool and with its light cotton casing maximises comfort all year round. Perfect for kids and guest bedrooms.
No 4. - Our Warm quilt with four layers of Airlight wool. With a fine cotton casing this quilt retains up to 20% more heat while being a similar thickness to standard wool quilts.
No 5. - Five layers of Airlight wool in our Thermal quilt and with a superfine light cotton sateen casing, ensures the Thermal quilt is our warmest, cosiest and most luxurious Winter quilt.

Choosing the right quilt has never been so easy!

Sleep better naturally.