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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Care

Always read the product care label for care instructions. Before using your MiniJumbuk product, we recommend removing the packaging and airing it for a couple of hours on a warm, breezy day. It is not necessary to wash your MiniJumbuk product before use.

We recommend using quality bed linen with all MiniJumbuk quilts, pillows and mattress toppers. This will help protect the product and prolong its life.

Removing the tags or care label from your MiniJumbuk product will void the warranty.
Electric blankets can be safely used underneath your mattress topper.

Additional info: Caring for A MiniJumbuk Mattress Topper

Additional info: Caring for A MiniJumbuk Quilt

Wool loves fresh air and sunshine, we recommend in preference to laundering, that your quilt is aired outside on a warm, breezy day. This will rejuvenate and freshen up your product. 

Always follow the care label instructions for your product. 
Do not wash your MiniJumbuk product in a top loader with an agitator as this will damage the product. Wash your MiniJumbuk product in 40-degree warm water on a wool cycle machine wash, preferably with an approved wool wash detergent. Washing your product in hot or cold water can cause the wool to become agitated and could cause damage to the product. 

We recommend using a commercial washing machine for large MiniJumbuk products as most home washing machines are too small to wash and spin large wool bedding products. If you use your home washing machine be sure to check your machine’s instructions relating to wool products.

Wool loves fresh air and sunshine, we recommend in preference to laundering, that your quilt is aired outside on a warm, breezy day. This will rejuvenate and freshen up your product.

Always follow the care label instructions for your product. Visit for a reputable dry-cleaning agent in your area.

Yes, we recommend the following mixture:

- 1 teaspoon of wool detergent such as “Softly”
- 1 teaspoon of vinegar
- Mix with one litre of luke warm water

Holding the fabric away from the wool filling, sponge or spray this mix onto the stain and rinse. To dry we recommend using a hair dryer.

Note: dry cleaning will “set” stains so they cannot be removed, we recommend trying the above remedy before cleaning.

Note: for animal urine stains use an enzyme pet stain pre-treater (found in most pet stores)

If you need to store your product we recommend using a breathable bag so your product can breathe. Storage in airtight (space bags) will damage your product. Ensure your product is stored in a dry and well-ventilated environment.

We recommend hanging your product up and spritzing it with water before airing it outside on a warm, breezy day for two - three hours before reusing it. Alternatively tumble dry on a low setting for 15 minutes after spritzing (check your product care label to ensure it can be tumble dried).

Space bags are for temporary use only. We do not recommend them for long term storage of MiniJumbuk products. Using a space bag to send a product overseas will help in reducing the volume size of a quilt or mattress topper but is not recommended for long term use. Long term use will damage the product as the wool will be flattened and the product will not perform as well. MiniJumbuk takes no responsibility for damage caused to product stored incorrectly.

Wool Preparation

MiniJumbuk purchases wool which has been cleaned before it arrives at our factory. The wool processors use minimal treatments to improve the cleanliness and loft of our wool and to make the wool healthier.

Scouring – a process where the wool from the sheep’s back is thoroughly washed in detergent to remove dirt and vegetable matter

Wash&Loft treatment– is a conditioning treatment to improve loft and cleaning

Ultra-Fresh– provides lasting freshness and effective control against dust mites

MiniJumbuk’s Wash&Loft wool incorporates MycraLoft technology, a conditioning process which enables the wool to be washed. The best way to explain how it does this is to understand the nature of wool fibres.

Wool fibres are like individual human hairs. The shaft of each strand is covered with overlapping scales which can lock into each other causing tangles (or in the case of wool, felting and shrinkage when it is washed).

The Mycraloft treatment is like applying conditioner to your hair, making it smoother and less likely to tangle when you wash it. By smoothing the scales on their surface, the wool fibres can slide easily over each other and can be washed without felting and shrinkage.

Always follow the care label instructions for your product.

Developed exclusively by MiniJumbuk, Airlight Technology™ is an advanced process we apply to wool fibre, allowing each layer to trap more air.

This innovative design offers superior insulating properties while allowing for the creation of lighter, more comfortable quilts that perfectly regulate sleeping temperature. The Airlight process takes place at the MiniJumbuk factory where we pass the clean wool through our carding machine.

Carding is a mechanical process that disentangles, combs, teases and intermixes the wool fibres to produce continuous layers of wool.

Ultra-Fresh is an intensive anti-microbial and anti-bacterial treatment of the raw wool that provides lasting resistance to the growth of mould, mildew and fungi. It is not removed by washing or dry-cleaning.

Many household allergies are caused by the common dust mite which breeds readily in untreated materials. Dust mites feed exclusively on discarded human skin cells, which need to be decomposing for the mites to consume them.

Deterring the growth of mould and mildew prevents dust mites from being able to survive, breed and colonise your bedding. The Ultra-Fresh family of anti-microbials has 40 years of research and development behind it, and has been extensively tested and approved. It has been used world-wide with exemplary success in products as varied as toothpaste, paint and clothing.

MiniJumbuk Quality Assurance and Warranty Information

All MiniJumbuk products are guaranteed to be free from defects in quality and workmanship for a period of either two, five or seven years from the date of purchase depending on the product.

In the unlikely event that your MiniJumbuk product requires returning to MiniJumbuk for repair, please ensure for health reasons that your product has been freshly laundered. 

Under our warranty, MiniJumbuk will provide an exchange or repair under the following guidelines:
•    If the product is faulty or has been wrongly described

Our warranties do not cover:
•    Change of mind
•    General wear and tear
•    Incorrectly laundered items
•    Items with any of our product tagging, sash or care instructions, removed
•    Damage caused by misuse or neglect

For warranty claims, MiniJumbuk reserves the right to assess the condition and age of any item prior to offering an exchange or repair.

Proof of purchase must be provided,

To make a claim please contact MiniJumbuk: or call 1800 088 834

MiniJumbuk will arrange for a company representative to inspect the product or arrange for its return to the MiniJumbuk factory for assessment.

MiniJumbuk will cover the cost of returning the product to the MiniJumbuk factory. 

For items to be returned to MiniJumbuk, please pack them in a box or a large bag, include a note with your name and reason for claim and attach a label with the following address:

MiniJumbuk, 61 Smith Street, Naracoorte, SA 5271.

We will organise for the item to be collected from you with our courier service.

Once the item has been inspected either by a representative or at our factory you will be advised of the outcome of our decision. 
Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

Our seven year guarantee covers MiniJumbuk's Limestone Coast Range of quilts.

Our five year guarantee covers all MiniJumbuk quilts, blankets and double-layer mattress toppers.

Our two year guarantee covers all MiniJumbuk pillows and single-layer mattress toppers.


We are located in the small country town of Naracoorte in South Australia. All of our products are hand crafted by our dedicated team of proud artisans right here in Australia.

Below are our standard dimensions, however MiniJumbuk can make some custom size products by request.

Cot 100x120cm
Single 140x210cm
Double 180x210cm
Queen 210x210cm
King 245x210cm
Super King 240cmx270cm

Mattress Toppers
Cot 70x130cm
Single 91x188cm
King Single 107x203cm
Double 137x188cm
Queen 153x203cm
King 183x203cm

Standard 45 x 65cm
King 50 x 90cm

Single 182x228cm
King Single 197x244cm
Double 228x240cm
Queen 244x254cm
King 275x244cm

MiniJumbuk can make quilts and single layer mattress toppers to custom order. Each item is costed individually, according to dimensions, with a small additional fee for the custom service.

Whilst not all sizes are possible, if you have a boat or caravan or a bed with different measurements, please contact us and we will do our best to assist. Email or call 1800 088 834.

MiniJumbuk is available Australia-wide through a network of premium department stores and independent bedding stores.

To find your nearest stockist visit our stockist finder.