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Airlight Technology - the MiniJumbuk difference

Airlight Technology - the MiniJumbuk difference

If you love to be super warm in winter but find most wool quilts heavy and cumbersome, MiniJumbuk has the answer to your prayers. MiniJumbuk quilts are made using our exclusive Airlight Technology™ - an advanced process we have developed allowing us to create deliciously light quilts that offer maximum warmth. Looking for something light to sleep under? The MiniJumbuk Airlight Technology™ range has a quilt designed for you.



Airlight Technology™ is an innovative technology that is applied to our wool fibre, giving MiniJumbuk the ability to create superfine webs of wool. These webs are able to be stacked in multiple layers and allow each layer to trap more air. By varying the number of Airlight Technology™ layers, MiniJumbuk is able to offer a range of comfortable quilts that perfectly regulate your sleeping temperature. With superior insulating properties, our quilts are superbly warm yet remain lightweight and comfy to sleep under.




At MiniJumbuk, care and attention to detail are at the heart of what we do. From sourcing the finest wools and cottons through to the craftsmanship that goes into each bedding product, it is the little things that ensure every MiniJumbuk product meets our standard of unrivalled quality. To further enhance your sleep experience, MiniJumbuk has chosen to specifically match our cotton casings with the warmth level of each quilt - the warmer the quilt, the lighter and softer the cotton casing.  This small detail ensures no matter how warm your Airlight Technology™ quilt is, it will still be wonderfully light and cosy. 


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