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Australian Wool, Australian Cotton

Australian Wool, Australian Cotton

Proudly Australian, MiniJumbuk is also proud to support Australian farmers and their local communities. To ensure you can enjoy the best possible night's sleep, MiniJumbuk's premium quality bedding is filled with the best Australian wool and cotton - two natural fibres that offer the perfect combination when it comes to great sleep.


Regionally based in South Australia for nearly 50 years, MiniJumbuk recognises the benefits of building strong, long term relationships within a community. We also realise the significance of secure, local employment opportunities for a rural area. With its wide open spaces and clean fresh air, the Australian environment is ideal for producing high quality agricultural products, and wool and cotton are no exception. This is why MiniJumbuk choose to source the wool and cotton that goes into Australia's favourite bedding products right here in Australia.

In our latest partnership, MiniJumbuk has collaborated with our local woolgrowers to release the Limestone Coast Wool quilt range. The Limestone Coast region offers a pristine landscape and unique coastal conditions which guarantee an abundance of green grass, clean water and plenty of space for sheep to thrive. Our farmers agree, their sheep are happy and this is the reason they produce a premium quality fleece. At MiniJumbuk we believe happy sheep means healthy sleep.


When you purchase your next MiniJumbuk pillow, quilt or mattress topper, you have made the decision to invest in a great night's sleep. You have also decided to support an Australian farmer and have invested in rural Australia and the economy of our regional towns. Australian Made - a great choice.

Australian Wool, Australian Cotton