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How to select the perfect quilt for great sleep

How to select the perfect quilt for great sleep

MiniJumbuk prides itself on manufacturing high quality Australian wool quilts. Our quilts are made using Airlight technology, an advanced process we apply to the wool fibre, allowing each layer to trap more air. This innovative practice allows MiniJumbuk quilts to be softer, lighter and more luxurious than any other, offering superior insulating properties that perfectly regulate sleeping temperature.

Here at our Naracoorte Mill we have crafted a range of five quilts, each with a different number of wool layers, to suit your individual sleeping needs. Not all of our quilts are made for winter. Our range includes two fabulous lightweight wool cotton quilts that are ideal for summer and warmer climate sleeping. We have even designed a highly durable range just for kids.

Sleeping temperature varies greatly between individuals and it is important to familiarise yourself with your sleep style and environment before deciding which MiniJumbuk quilt means great sleep for you. To help with your decision consider the following: Where do you live? Do climatic conditions vary with the season? Are you a hot or cold sleeper? Do you sleep alone? Is your bed under a window? Is your home warm or cold and poorly heated? Is it insulated? These factors all impact your sleep requirements and affect which quilt is best suited to your needs.

Thermal Wool Quilt - Offers maximum winter warmth and is well suited to colder homes and cooler climates.
Warm Wool Quilt - Lightweight luxurious warmth, perfect for sleepers who always get cold in bed.
Everyday Wool Quilt - A comfy all-rounder offering medium to warm comfort in every season.
Cool Wool Cotton Quilt- Cotton keeps you cool and wool keeps you dry, making this quilt a great choice for summer or year round in warmer climates.
Ultralight Wool Cotton Quilt - Combining Australian wool and cotton this quilt is luxuriously cool and light on the warmest nights.
Dreamers Wool Rich Quilt - Providing your child with healthy, restful sleep under a warm, light, washable quilt.
La La Wool Cot Quilt - A mid-weight fill quilt to gently balance your baby's temperature and deliver a comfortable sleep throughout the night.