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How we handcraft our mattress toppers

How we handcraft our mattress toppers

MiniJumbuk multilayer mattress toppers are handcrafted by local artisans in our Naracoorte Mill to create the ultimate experience in sleeping luxury. Have you ever wondered how these luxurious, Australian wool toppers are made?

The first step is to create the Airlight technologyTM wool filling to go inside the topper. Clean Australian wool is unpacked from bales and fed into our large state of the art carding machine. The high tech process uses rotating drums covered in short fine wire teeth to tease apart and disentangle the wool to separate and align the fibres. The fluffy, air filled web of wool that comes out of the carding machine is called a batt. Layers of this batting are gently laid on top of each other using a “lapping machine” to assemble the filling for the topper.

Meanwhile, the wool fleece layer, or sliverknit, is being created in Adelaide at our sister company Quality Always. Here, a similar process to detangle the wool which is then knitted in huge barrel-like machines and cut to form the luxury wool pile. At the same time in Naracoorte, a large computer controlled table cuts the cotton batts and backing sheets to size. With all the components cut and gathered, the process of assembling the mattress topper layers begins.

Using frames surrounded with sharp pins, the sliverknit is rolled out and pinned tightly in place. On top of this the wool batts and then the cotton batt are rolled. Once these layers are firmly held by the soft cotton backing sheet, the frame is moved to the quilting machine, where the layers are securely stitched together. The toppers are hand finished with the addition of our easy to follow care instructions and a deep fitted skirt, designed to hold the topper firmly in place. Finally, each product undergoes a quality control inspection and is carefully packed, ready for distribution to our customers.