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How we manufacture our quilts

How we manufacture our quilts

The first step is to create the Airlight TechnologyTMwool filling to go inside the quilt. Clean Australian wool is unpacked from bales and fed into our large state of the art carding machine. The high tech process uses rotating drums covered in short fine wire teeth to tease apart and disentangle the wool to separate and align the fibres. The fluffy, air filled web of wool that comes out of the carding machine is called a batt. Layers of this batting are gently laid on top of each other using a “lapping machine” to assemble the filling for the quilt.


In the quilting area, rolls of top quality cotton fabric are cut to size on a large computer controlled cutting table. At the quilting table we select the right size frame for the quilt being produced. The cut piece of cotton is attached to the edges of the frame using sharp steel pins built into the frame. The wool filling is then rolled out onto the fabric, and another layer of cotton is placed on top and pinned to the frame to make cotton and wool.

The next step in the process is for our quilting machine to quilt the top cotton sheet, the wool filling and the bottom sheet together using a pre-programmed stitching pattern. Finally, the edges of the quilt are bound together, with the quilt gently floating on a cushion of air so it can easily be manoeuvred past the sewing head. As part of this process, the product and care instruction labels are also sewn on.


The finished quilt is then closely inspected for any faults. If it passes the inspection, it's folded up and slipped into a packing box and taken to our warehouse ready for trucking to a retailer somewhere in Australia or overseas.