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Inside MiniJumbuk: Airlight Technology

Inside MiniJumbuk: Airlight Technology

MiniJumbuk has been handcrafting Australia's finest wool bedding in Naracoorte, South Australia for over 40 years. With a passion for wool and an ongoing commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, MiniJumbuk has pioneered the Airlight Technology process in Australia. With the ability to create superfine webs of wool that can be stacked in multiple layers, MiniJumbuk is able to offer a range of superbly light quilts in a range of warmth levels to suit every sleeper.

Premium Australian wool begins its transformation to a MiniJumbuk product as the fibres are 'fluffed up' or opened. At this point blends can be made by the addition of wool, cotton for wool/cotton quilts or polyester to maintain loft in pillows.

Any dust or impurities that evaded the scouring process are removed before the wool is carded. This process ensures finish products are free of contamination and meet the high quality standards that maintain MiniJumbuk's world class reputation and competitive advantage.

The carded wool begins the Airlight Technology process. The resulting ultra fine webs are piled upon each other to create the beautifully light layers that become the fill for each MiniJumbuk product. By increasing or decreasing the number of Airlight layers, MiniJumbuk is able adjust the level of warmth and comfort, creating a range to better suit individual sleep requirements.