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Inside MiniJumbuk : Making a Mattress Topper

Inside MiniJumbuk : Making a Mattress Topper

MiniJumbuk has been handcrafting our premium wool bedding products at our Naracoorte Mill for over 40 years. With an eye for detail and pride in our brand, our talented local team create luxurious pillows, quilts and mattress toppers. Care and attention to detail is at the heart of what we do. At every stage of assembly, our skilled staff scrutinize the product to ensure it meets our high standards for quality, guaranteeing our customers the best night's sleep possible.

For those unable to visit our Factory Outlet shop in Naracoorte and enjoy the process for themselves, we can step you through the scenes from our viewing platform when our Sleep Therapy mattress toppers are in full production.

Step 1
With all our products made on frames to ensure the exact dimensions, the first step is to cut the topper components; fabric, fleece and fill, in preparation for production.

Step 2
Knitted in huge barrel-like machines at Quality Always, our sister company in Adelaide, the wool fleece, or sliverknit, with its dense, luxurious pile is carefully pinned to the frame.

Step 3
Two fluffy batts of Airlight Technology wool fill are gently layered over the fleece to create the Sleep Therapy's cushioning comfort that many of our customers describe as 'like sleeping on a cloud'.

Step 4
A layer of soft cotton fill is added to form a fully reversible mattress topper, complete with a cool summer side just perfect for sleeping on those hot summer nights.

Step 5
Encased in a layer of fine cotton, stitched in firmly in place with its own distinctive pattern, construction is completed with the addition of a deep fitted skirt.

Step 6

Following a final inspection, the topper is packed and ready for distribution to our customers.