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Kirsten's Mattress Topper Sleep Test Results

Kirsten's Mattress Topper Sleep Test Results

Busy Brisbane mum Kirsten and her husband recently purchased a brand new bed. By the time they had paid for a good quality king size bed, and then purchasing new linen to fit, they decided that they had invested enough money in their sleeping arrangements. When the salesperson suggested they needed a mattress topper, they declined. Not realising the benefits of sleeping with a mattress topper, Kirsten and her husband decided that they had purchased a good quality bed and besides, they had reached their budget limit.


Kirsten often woke with mild back discomfort but believed most nights after her busy days, that she was getting a reasonably good night's sleep. Using the Sleep Cycle App, Kirsten tracked her sleep for a week before adding the MiniJumbuk Luxury+ mattress topper to her bed. Within days of adding the topper, Kirsten's sleep app results showed that her sleep quality had improved from 66% up to 94%.


When asked to comment on the addition of a topper to her bed Kirsten said ‚ÄúI didn't think it could make much difference to the quality of my sleep or the comfort level‚ It turns out I was wrong.‚ Not only has her sleep quality improved, but Kirsten's back soreness has also dramatically decreased, allowing her to wake refreshed and ready to face the day. And what are Kirsten's favourite features of the Luxury+ mattress topper? Well two things - she loves the coolness of sleeping on the ‚Äùcool cotton padded summer side‚ in Brisbane's hot humid weather and the deep fitted skirt that helps the topper fit 'easily and snuggly' on her bed.