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Mim's Mattress Topper Sleep Test Results

Mim's Mattress Topper Sleep Test Results

Breast cancer survivor and mother of two, Mim admits that she has had sleeping difficulties for many years. Once in bed she struggles to get to sleep and then struggles again to remain asleep, frequently waking throughout the night. Mim finds it difficult to relax at night and acknowledges that her sleep issues are 'definitely psychological more than physical'. Add to her insomnia, back issues which see her at the chiropractor twice a week and it's not surprising that Mim often starts each day exhausted.


Mim was ready to try anything when it was suggested she try a wool mattress topper to improve her sleep quality. For comparison purposes, Mim used a sleep app on her phone to measure her sleep quality for a week prior to adding the mattress topper to her bed. Despite the comfort of her relatively new mattress, Mim's results reflected just what she had described. Her sleep quality was 71 - 85%; she woke frequently each night and spent very little time in the deep sleep phase, essential for refreshing the body and mind.


Then Mim added what she described as 'a cuddle in a bag' to her bed - the MiniJumbuk Luxury+ mattress topper - five luxurious layers of reversible wool and cotton that are 'seriously fluffy and warm on one side and soft and cushioned' on the other. Mim's pleasure with her wool topper, the softness and luxury that instantly relaxed her as she climbed into bed was reflected in her sleep quality results. Not only did her sleep quality rise to 91% within a week, but her results show that from the first night, she reached the deep sleep phase more quickly and stayed there for longer.