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New Product - Hospital Wool Fleece

New Product - Hospital Wool Fleece

MiniJumbuk is excited to help you improve the health and wellbeing of your family with the release of our range of Hospital Wool Fleeces. Including fleeces for beds and wheelchairs, as well as a highly portable chair cushion, this plush 1050g/m2 wool collection is the perfect choice for anyone required to spend long periods confined to bed or a chair.


Pressure or bed sores are caused by pressure against the body that limits blood flow to the skin. Other contributing factors may include continence, humidity, temperature and even medication. Patients with limited mobility or those required to stay in one position for extended periods are susceptible and these sores can rapidly progress to extremely debilitating, painful skin ulcers. The elderly with their thinner, more delicate skin are particularly vulnerable.


Prevention is always better than cure, and when it comes to bed sores, patients will benefit form the cushioning softness of dense wool. A wool fleece can help minimise pressure, spreading and more evenly distributing weight around 'at risk' areas. Wool is naturally warm in winter and cool in summer. Being highly absorbent, wool draws moisture away from the body, keeping surrounding skin dry and comfortable and helping the patient to maintain a consistent core temperature. Should the need arise, the fleeces are also fully machine washable.


Designed to provide extra padding to a bed, the MiniJumbuk Hospital Wool Bed Fleece is also suitable for use in a chair or on the floor. Measuring 150cm in length, the fleece can be positioned to relieve pressure from the shoulders to the ankles. The Wheelchair fleece will ease stress on the back and coccyx, while remaining firmly in place with its strong elastic strap. Light, transportable, and perfect for travellers, the fleece cushion will provide a comfy pad to help alleviate discomfort wherever it is required.

To improve your family's wellbeing and reap the soothing benefits of a wool fleece, shop now at