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Sleep Cool Tonight

Sleep Cool Tonight

If you are a hot sleeper, your mattress feels too warm or you experience night sweats, a MiniJumbuk SLEEP COOL mattress protector is ideal for cooling down your bed. The unique properties of our wool cotton combination can assist with temperature regulation for a better night's sleep.

Night time overheating is a common occurrence for many adults, resulting in poor quality sleep, leaving those who suffer exhausted the following day. Approximately 1 in 10 adults sleep too hot, spending their days searching for that perfect solution for cooler sleep. Some are simply warm sleepers but other external factors can also impact sleeping comfort.

Body temperature naturally lowers as we drift off to sleep. As we cool down, the excess heat is transferred to our beds. Where that heat goes depends on the construction of the mattress and the nature of the bedding materials. Some materials absorb and retain heat resulting in discomfort and disrupted sleep. Others like wool, cotton, linen or bamboo offer breathability. Natural fibres allow air circulation around the body helping to reduce the temperature of the bed.

The MiniJumbuk SLEEP COOL mattress protector, is constructed using an innovative combination of Australian wool and cotton and improves air flow, creating a cooling effect for a more comfortable and relaxed sleep. Wool is renowned for its wicking properties and its ability to rejuvenate the body as you sleep, while cotton offers natural cooling properties. Together, they help minimise night time sweating and regulate your body temperature. Any moisture is naturally drawn away from the body, leaving you feeling cool, dry and comfortable for a deeper uninterrupted sleep.

For the ultimate summer sleeping experience, team your SLEEP COOL mattress protector with a MiniJumbuk SLEEP COOL pillow protector and a MiniJumbuk Summer quilt. Choose from the MiniJumbuk Cool quilt or the MiniJumbuk Ultralight quilt for the best night of summer sleep possible.