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Sleep - a key pillar to health and wellness

Sleep - a key pillar to health and wellness

There are four key pillars to achieving good health and wellness: sleep, nutrition, movement and relaxation. Although all of these are important, we’re going to explore the importance of sleep and how to achieve a better night’s sleep. Over the years more and more studies have highlighted the importance of good sleep for a balanced lifestyle. While we all know how terrible we feel if we don’t achieve enough quality sleep, many of us fail to prioritise sleep when we consider our overall health and wellness.

The National Sleep Foundation suggest adults need between 7-9 hours of sleep per night. While children require much more (around 13 hours) as their bodies are going through important growth and development stages. Do you achieve the recommended hours of sleep each night?

When we sleep, our brain and body work to recover and recharge from the previous day, preparing for the upcoming challenges that will arise when we wake. If we don’t have enough sleep this can impact our functionality, decision making and overall health.

Some quick tips to help you achieve a good night’s sleep

  1. Create a realistic bedtime routine and aim to keep it consistent.
  2. Keep a comfortable bedroom temperature and sleep with natural bedding that breathes and balances body temperature – shop the MiniJumbuk range!
  3. Limit the use of devices before bedtime, blue light can confuse your body clock. Find 30 minutes to exercise during the day.
  4. Eat a healthy diet and avoid heavy meals late in the day.

Sleep - a key pillar to health and wellness