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Getting your bedroom summer ready

Getting your bedroom summer ready

With spring well and truly sprung, now is the time to get your bedroom ship shape for summer.


It's definitely the perfect time to give your mattress topper a summer make over. Check out our top tips for caring for your mattress topper. You may also consider reversing your mattress topper so you are sleeping on the cotton side during the summer months. If you are lucky enough to have one of our new Deluxe or Luxury + mattress toppers you will notice that we have enhanced the cotton side by including a layer of cotton wadding inside the topper, this will make the summer side even cooler to sleep on.


Look for ways you can let the natural light into the bedroom. Swap heavy dark curtains for sheer, natural window treatments to let in light w keeping heat out.


Throughout the busy months of winter, clutter can pile up. Clutter and disorganization can cause stress and anxiety, inhibit creativeness and make it difficult to relax. Take a look at your room to see if there is anything you can dispose of or put into storage during the warmer months. Using a stylish shelf or hanging organiser is a great way to free up space and get things organised.


Ceiling fans can make a world of difference to a hot and stuffy bedroom. Set them to run counter clockwise to even out the room temperature and create a down draft and a cool effect.


Lighten up your room by storing away heavy blankets and linens. Swap your winter quilt for a light and cool wool cotton quilt, our Cool quiltis perfect for spring and summer nights. For those in the warmer parts of Australia, our Light quilt is luxuriously light and cool ideal for the nights when you want more than a sheet and less than a blanket. You could also consider some cool and light coloured accessories, with pastel and bright shades being very popular this summer.