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Is Your Bedroom Ready For Spring?

Is Your Bedroom Ready For Spring?

There is definitely one room that we need to pay some extra special attention to when it comes to Spring Cleaning, and that is our bedrooms. We spend around a third of our lives in our bedroom and our beds are the most used furniture item in the home.


Naturally we want our bedrooms to be a relaxing, clean and healthy place to sleep, after all it's our sanctuary from the hectic pace of everyday life.


Here are our top tips to ensure your room is fresh for Spring!

  1.  Air your bedroom and clean your windows. Open your blinds/curtains and get your windows open and the fresh air circulating in your room. Dust or vacuum down your window coverings. Wash the window sills and insides of the windows
  2. Dust down the ceilings and ceiling fan. Consider whether your walls need a clean/wipe down too.
  3. Strip all your bedding. Remove sheets, pillow cases and quilt covers and give them a thorough laundering. Now is a good time to review whether or not any bedding needs replacement - experts recommend replacing pillows between 6 months and 2 years, while quilts and mattress toppers should be replaced every 5 years.
  4. Air your MiniJumbuk wool quilt, blankets and pillows. Wool is a natural fibre that loves fresh air and sunshine, we recommend airing quilts, blankets and pillows outside on a warm breezy day. If you choose to wash your MiniJumbuk products please make sure you follow the care instructions. If you are switching to lighter quilts we recommend airing your Winter quilts before storing them in a breathable bag, if you are laundering your quilt please ensure it is completely dry before storing.
  5. Vacuum and air your MiniJumbuk underlay. We recommend vacuuming your underlay, this will remove any dead skin cells and will fluff up and rejuvenate the wool pile. It's also a great idea to get your underlay off the bed and outside to be aired as well. If you have a reversible underlay you might think about switching over to the cotton side for Spring and Summer.
  6. Vacuum and flip your mattress. This helps to provide even wear and gives your mattress a freshen up at the same time. Be sure to clean and tidy underneath your bed.
  7. Dust down and clean all the furniture items and lamps. Don't forget your mirrors and knickknacks!
  8. Clean the floors. Thoroughly vacuum or mop the floors depending on the type of flooring you have.
  9. Remake your bed. Return all your freshly aired MiniJumbuk products back to your bed with your freshly laundered bed linen.
  10. Now that is all out of the way why not consider decluttering too!

Is Your Bedroom Ready For Spring?