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5 Sleep tips for new parents

5 Sleep tips for new parents
Welcoming a new baby to the family is such an exciting time! Whether it is your first or your fourth baby, everyone will experience a period of adjustment, swinging rapidly between absolute heaven and utter pandemonium. The secret to survival is sleep.
While newborns may sleep for up to 17 hours each day, their day/night sleep pattern is established slowly over their first few months. Initially, babies will sleep for shorter periods and wake frequently regardless of the time. Far from the joy they anticipated, new parents after a few weeks of intermittent sleep, may feel utterly drained and exhausted.
But it's not all bad news - with a little planning and armed with a few of MiniJumbuk's best sleep tips, we will have you and your baby asleep in no time.

1. Prioritise your sleep needs

Family and friends will understand your need for undisturbed sleep. Deter visitors with a 'Sleep time' sign for the door and say 'no' to unnecessary activities that may compromise an opportunity for you to rest.

2. Sync your sleep with your baby

When you pop your baby to bed try to get some sleep for yourself. During the day this may be more difficult, but a darkened room or an eye mask and ear plugs can help extend an afternoon nap.

3. Use your wake time wisely

With a new baby no one expects your house to be immaculate. Use periods of wakefulness to keep on top of essential chores and plan simple meals. Pop your bub in a safe spot near you while you work.

4. Let others help you

Accept help from those who offer - you can repay the favour later. A meal from a neighbour, a clean bathroom from a friend and given the chance, who doesn't love the chance to hold or feed a baby? Say yes to it all.

5. Relax and enjoy

Rest assured - all babies cry - this is how they communicate. If your bub has been fed and is warm, safe and dry give them a little time to self-settle. Keep your baby within hearing and relax. You will quickly learn their cries and know when your baby needs attention.

Despite the sleepless nights, time will fly. Be sure to enjoy each precious moment spent with your baby.