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Clocks Spring Forward

Clocks Spring Forward

This weekend daylight saving returns at 2 a.m. on Sunday morning, so it's time to spring forward your clocks if you live in NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania or ACT.


If getting children into a good sleep routine wasn't already a hard enough job, the start of daylight savings can add an extra element to the challenge of getting your kids to bed each night.


While moving the clock forward one hour is something that can make adults sleepy for a couple of days as their bodies adjust to the change, it can take toddlers and older children a while longer to adjust to a new sleep routine.


To change your child's sleep routine to daylight saving time, it's a good idea to try to get them into bed a little earlier for a few days leading up to the time change. This way, their body clock will have made some of the adjustment already.


Don't try to wear your child out in an attempt to get him to sleep earlier - overtired children can often take longer to fall asleep and may even resist sleep completely.


If your child struggles to sleep in the daylight, try making his room darker and take extra care to ensure that his bedtime routine is as sleep favourable as it can be. No upbeat games or computer games just before bed!


If your child keeps waking too early, ensure that they understand that you don't consider this a suitable time to start the day. Encourage them to doze or to stay in bed doing a quiet activity. Some parents put a clock beside their child's bed and explain what time it has to be before they can get up for the day.


Generally it takes about a week after the clocks have changed for everyone, no matter what age, to be in a new sleeping pattern, so try to have patience if you have a tired and grumpy child on your hands in the days after the time change!