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Design a sleep friendly bedroom for your child

Design a sleep friendly bedroom for your child

What kid doesn't kick up a fuss at bedtime? Create your child the perfect room for sleep, combine it with a consistent bedtime routine and while we don't promise it will solve all your bedtime dilemmas, it will certainly tip the scales in your balance. Try to include a few of these simple ideas when planning that sanctuary of calm and relaxation for your child.


Every child's bedroom should have a soft reading lamp. Bright lights stimulate our body clock making it harder to fall asleep. Dimming overhead lights and reading quietly by lamp light before sleep is a great way to wind down. For those children, or adults, who like a nightlight choose one with a red bulb. The warm glow from this light is less disruptive to the brain. Where possible, remove any electronic gadgets that illuminate the room with bright white light.


Curtains and blinds
Sunlight streaming through a bedroom window is a wonderful way to wake, unless of course it is 5am. Similarly, streetlights and long summer evenings can work against your child's natural sleep patterns. Choosing black out curtains or blinds for total darkness day or night is not always an option, so think creatively. Add curtain liners or even tape black garbags to your windows if you need.


Ensure your child has great storage for all their clothes, toys and special treasures. Messy, cluttered bedrooms make it hard to relax and distract from the serious business of sleeping. A wardrobe and some fun, brightly coloured storage boxes for your child's bedroom are a fabulous investment.


A special place to sleep
Create a safe and cosy sleeping environment for your child. Ensure their bed or cot has a comfortable mattress and pillow. Children will wake if they become over heated so keep the room cool and let them snuggle down in breathable natural fibres each night. Use quiet games, stories or special sleep toys to establish routines and help your child recognise that bedtime has arrived. Before you know it your child will be sleeping like a baby!