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Kids and Sleep

Kids and Sleep

Kids these days are busy. There are demanding days at school, along with a hectic social life running around with friends, after school activities and sports, taking care of pets, the list is endless. So at MiniJumbuk we think it is really important that kids get a great night sleep, after all the average child needs between 10 - 11 hours sleep a night to ensure the brain gets a proper rest, the body has time to grow and stay healthy.


That's why we have developed a special quilt just for children - Dreamers wool rich quilt.

At MiniJumbuk we care about your child's health and wellbeing. Wool is a natural fibre and has remarkable insulation properties that help the body reach its ideal comfort temperature. This is important for children whose bodies are less capable of adapting to a wide range of temperatures.


Our normal adult quilts have around 500gsm fill weight. In order to keep your child at a comfortable temperature, we've designed our Dreamers Quilt with a mid-weight fill of 325gsm. We've also added just the right amount of spiral man-made fibre to enhance the loft and to make this quilt even easier to wash, without sacrificing the natural benefits of wool.


So why not give your child the best chance for a great sleep? Dreamers Quilt - the natural choice for sleep for your kids.