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Seriously good sleep for kids

Seriously good sleep for kids

Everyone wants their kids to be happy and healthy. Don’t make it complicated. The best way to achieve this is as simple as ensuring your children get some seriously good sleep every night. Good sleep – getting to sleep and staying asleep - is the key good health and wellbeing for everyone.

Along with regular exercise and a healthy diet, good quality sleep is essential for children. Sleep supports their rapidly growing minds and bodies, improving their behaviour, memory and assisting their ability to learn and concentrate.

At MiniJumbuk we are serious about good sleep for kids. So serious, that we designed a range of bedding specially to help your child experience the deep uninterrupted sleep they need to thrive.


Seriously good sleep for kids

MiniJumbuk Baby

The perfect choice for your baby is the MiniJumbuk Baby range. Combine the soft cushioning fleece layer of a Baby Wool Mattress Topper with the natural warmth and breathability of a Baby Wool Quilt. A great choice for babies, wool bedding is safe and naturally hypo allergenic. Wool helps to naturally balance your baby’s body temperature throughout the night. Not too hot, not too cold, your baby will remain relaxed, comfortable and most importantly, asleep for longer.

MiniJumbuk Baby Wool Range

MiniJumbuk Kids

The MiniJumbuk Kids SleepCalm range comprises a natural wool fleece mattress topper and a choice of two quilts. Choose from the SleepCalm Kids Everyday wool quilt or the SleepCalm Kids Cool wool cotton quilt. Designed for year round comfort, the Kids SleepCalm Everyday quilt means cosy sleep throughout the seasons for your child. Warm yet light, wool’s unique ability to manage body temperature will help keep your child asleep for longer. The Kids SleepCalm Cool quilt is a light breathable quilt, ideal for warmer weather or kids who tend to sleep hot at night. Maximising the benefits of the perfect blend of wool and cotton, this quilt will help keep your child cool, dry and comfortable as they sleep.

 MiniJumbuk SleepCalm Kids Range


Help your child achieve the seriously good sleep they deserve – shop MiniJumbuk now.

Seriously good sleep for kids