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Sleeping tips for restless babies

Sleeping tips for restless babies

Babies sleep a lot, just not always at the times you want them to — or for how long you'd like them to. Generally studies show that 'sleeping through' may be just five hours in a row. Regular night waking is simply a biologically normal survival pattern for infants, this is because infants have shorter sleep cycles, smaller tummies and spend more time in active sleep than adults do.


Here are our baby sleep tips to help your baby (and you!) get a good night's sleep:


Look out for the Signs
Just as babies have feeding cues so you know when they're hungry, they communicate tiredness through various behaviours. Losing interest in the things around him, going quiet and starting to fuss are all signs that your baby might be feeling sleepy. Try putting your baby to bed when you notice these tiredness cues. If you miss the cues, your baby will become over tired and grumpy and be much harder to settle.

Have a Bedtime Ritual
This helps babies and young children understand what is coming next. A bedtime ritual can help to calm your baby down and prepare him for sleep. Lots of bedtime rituals start with baths, but babies don't really need bathing every day. So only do this step each night unless you want to, but of course, stick with what works for you and your baby. Some parents enjoy a nightly shower with their baby, so this could be a good alternative. Dimming the lights, playing some calming music, and even a relaxing baby massage are great ways to relax your baby before bed.


Night time music
Having a soundtrack playing calming music can help your baby to settle at the end of the day. When in the womb, babies are surrounded by bodily noises such as your heartbeat. Once in the outside world, babies can be soothed by noises that remind them of this time. White noise or the rhythmic beat of a heart can help to soothe your baby.


Teach Day & Night
When in the womb, babies are lulled to sleep by motion, and wide awake when you're resting. It's important once they have arrived to teach them the difference between night and day. Subtly teach him the difference, by taking your newborn baby outside for a few minutes in the day light. Always try to create a sleepy atmosphere at night. Reduce the external noise, dim the lights and keep voices hushed, even when your baby is wide awake.


Sleep with wool
Studies show that babies settle better and sleep more soundly with better quality sleep when sleeping on and under wool. This is due to wool's unique temperature and moisture management properties. Why not consider a MiniJumbuk La La Cot Mattress Topper to see improved sleep for your baby.