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Wool and your baby

Wool and your baby

Soft and delicate, babies inspire a need to protect and nurture. When it comes to choosing clothes and bedding for these small souls, natural fabrics that are gentle on their skin are a great choice. Synthetic fibres can be rough or scratchy and their inability to allow skin to breathe can irritate or exacerbate any existing skin conditions. To maximise your baby's comfort, there are so many reasons to choose wool.


One of wools greatest qualities is its ability to help regulate body temperature. With newborn babies unable to regulate their own temperature in their initial months, dressing or swaddling your baby in wool can help. The crimped nature of the wool fibre allows air to be trapped between the fibres, creating a warm insulating layer around your baby. In warmer weather, wool's wicking ability means that moisture will be drawn away from your baby's skin, evaporating and leaving your baby cool, dry and comfortable.


Research indicates strong links between sleeping with wool and improved sleep for children and adults. With babies sleeping up to 20 hours per day, wool bedding and bed clothes can help your baby to settle quicker and sleep more soundly for longer periods. A fleecy wool underlay will add softness and comfort to a cot or bassinet and teaming it with a wool quilt, blanket or sleep suit will see your child sleeping better on, under and with wool. More sleep for your baby means more sleep for you.


Unlike synthetics, wool contains no harsh chemicals and is naturally hypoallergenic, making it suitable for both asthma and eczema sufferers. Today's Superfine Merino wool baby products are especially gentle against the skin. Improvements in technology also ensure wool products are truly easy care. Following care instructions, wool is able to be machine washed, in some cases tumble dried and with its natural resilience, rarely requires ironing - ideal for busy parents.


Wool is environmentally friendly, being both renewable and biodegradable. It is also flame resistant. Choosing wool for your baby, you can relax knowing that you are helping your child and the environment. Best of all, it is easy to identify woollen products designed for infants. MiniJumbuk handcrafts the La La range for babies and the Dreamers range for kids, while the Woolmark Company has introduced their easily recognisable Woolmark Nurture brand.

Image: The Woolmark Company