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How often should I wash my MiniJumbuk wool bedding?

How often should I wash my MiniJumbuk wool bedding?

At MiniJumbuk, we are frequently contacted by customers wondering how often they should wash their bedding. While many companies recommend frequent laundering, MiniJumbuk bedding products are made from wool and are very easy to care for. In fact, unless you or your family have had a spill and your quilt, pillow or mattress topper need to be washed, we recommend that in most circumstances regular airing is the key. Regular airing helps to keep your MiniJumbuk products fresh and hygienic, minimises the need for laundering and helps to prolong the life of your bedding.


MiniJumbuk advise that our products are always used with sheets, pillowcases and quilt covers. It is important to protect your bedding from the dirt and oils that are released from your skin as you sleep, as well as the dust and grime that sneaks into your home. Bed linen covers the bedding and helps to protect it from unwanted marks. Regular laundering of your bed linen will keep your bed, bedding and bedroom fresh and clean.


Wool loves fresh air and sunshine, and sunlight is nature’s very own antibacterial, so getting your MiniJumbuk bedding outdoors on a warm sunny day is the perfect way to revitalise it. For an extra burst of freshness, a light spritz with MiniJumbuk’s Tea Tree Oil and Lemon Myrtle Wool Spray while airing will help rejuvenate the wool fibres, lightly scenting your bedding with the delicate aromas of the Australian bush. Designed for use on wool between washes to remove odour, the spray is also a natural repellent against moths and insects.


Mattress toppers can be more difficult to air than a quilt. In between airing, a quick vacuum of the wool side, or using your fingers to comb up the pile is a fast and convenient way to help lift and refresh the wool fibres.

Spot Clean

For small marks and spills, MiniJumbuk recommend spot cleaning as a quick and easy solution. MiniJumbuk’s Wool Wash is a gentle but concentrated wool wash with natural antibacterial properties that is ideal for this purpose. And should your bedding need to be laundered, our wool wash is great for that too. Always follow the care instructions or contact MiniJumbuk for assistance.