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Introducing Local Artist Kim Haines

Introducing Local Artist Kim Haines

A must see when passing through Naracoorte, South Australia is the MiniJumbuk Factory Outlet shop where you will discover the creative talent of local artist Kim Haines. Living and working on a Limestone Coast sheep and cattle farm, Kim takes her inspiration from Mother Nature's ever changing hues. After a short break from all things art, Kim picked up her pencils and returned to her passion producing fresh, vibrant and bold, botanical and nature inspired pieces. MiniJumbuk caught up with Kim to chat about her work.

How long have you been an artist focusing primarily on drawing and painting?

I started my business, Kim Haines Creations, 3 years ago after a 5-year break from art. At school I was interested in all aspects of art media. After school I focused on graphite drawing which I returned to after my break, drawing mostly portraits and still life's as a hobby. In 2012 I purchased my first set of Prismacolor softcore coloured pencils. I fell in love with their paint-like blending ability that offers the control of a graphite pencil and began my business, focussing on botanical artworks. In 2018 after nearly 10 years of illustrating, I felt a strong desire to paint again. It was during shearing, and the horned Merino ram was my first muse. I loved the whole process of relearning the basics and finding my way as I slowly worked on this piece. To keep me growing and learning I planned a collection of botanical paintings that will form part of my first exhibition.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Mother Nature is the greatest inspiration: the pure, simple colour palettes, the seasonal changes of the landscape and the intricate details and earthy tones of Australia.

What's your creative process from inspiration to finish print/painting?

Initially, something in nature catches my eye and moves me artistically. I am drawn to the finer details, the colour palettes and feelings of connection. I let this sit for a while to see where it fits with me and my creative journey. Next, I dissect that initial inspiration into an overall theme that will become the collection. This dictates the colour palette and reference imagery for each of the artworks within the collection. My goal is for each piece to be unique yet cohesive within a group. I spend the most time on this part of the planning process. After sketching out initial outlines from reference photos, I use Photoshop to determine the colour palettes and composition. Only when I am completely happy with the collection plan, can I start painting.

How long does it take to complete a painting?

Juggling home, farm and children, finding time to paint can be difficult but generally a painting takes a week. The actual creating part will take approximately 10-15 hours with extra time for planning outlines, composition and colour palettes.

What does it mean to promote your art in the local area?

It is extremely rewarding to have my work promoted locally, seeing my passion shared within my community. It provides a sense of connection. Much of my work is inspired by the Limestone Coast and it is a privilege to promote all that this region has to offer through my art. I am proud to offer my first solo exhibition 'Native Glory', at Hollick Estates as part of the Coonawarra Arts Festival in May.