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4 reasons why sleep needs to be part of your new year's resolution

4 reasons why sleep needs to be part of your new year's resolution

And just like that it's 2020! The start of a new year is always a good time to reassess. After a busy year and hectic festive season take the opportunity to consider what worked for you and where improvements could be made - then plan your New Year resolutions accordingly.


Sleep is now considered as important to good health and wellbeing as diet and exercise. With life's frenetic pace, full of activity and constant pressure leaving many Australians stressed and suffering from lack of sleep, MiniJumbuk recommend putting 'good sleep' high up the new year's to do list. Unlike many well-planned resolutions that are out the window by mid-January, prioritising sleep is easy to implement and the benefits are almost instantaneous.


So why would you add sleep to your New Year plans? Read on - it's more likely you'll be asking why you wouldn't!


Improved memory - Sleep allows our brains to consolidate and process information and experiences that have occurred throughout the day. Getting enough sleep each night assists the 'data download,' helping to improve your memory, your ability to learn and making it easier to focus.


Healthier Diet- Appetite regulating hormones leptin and ghrelin are adversely affected by lack of sleep, triggering poor food choices and overeating. Ensuring you achieve 7-9 hours sleep each night, may not help you lose weight but will definitely leave you better able to manage a healthy diet.


Increased energy - Deep sleep is restorative and after a great night's sleep you will wake refreshed and invigorated. Consistent good quality sleep helps increase energy levels, enhance mental alertness and boost the immune system, helping you to look better and feel fabulous.


Start today - Head to your bedroom and make a quick assessment - is your room cool, quiet and dark? Is your bed warm and comfy? Do you have a relaxing pre-sleep routine? Small and simple changes are easily introduced and can make a real difference to the quality of your sleep.