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5 ways to keep your house cool this summer

5 ways to keep your house cool this summer

Summer temperatures are soaring to extremes. While the air conditioner may be an option, we have a few favourite ways to keep you and your house cool and they are so easy to implement.


Keep the heat out. Create a dark cool atmosphere by closing blinds and turning off unnecessary lights. On hot days, shut doors, windows and blinds early and keep them closed until the outdoor temperature drops. Reversing this process at night allows the cool night air work its magic while you sleep.


Fans are effective. Fans are fabulous, particularly if your house is already cool. For an extra cooling effect place your portable fan behind a bowl of ice blocks. Ensure ceiling fans are switched to the summer setting and try using any exhaust fans to extract the hot air.


Time your chores. If possible, save any hot, sticky chores for another day. Dishes and laundry will wait. Avoid adding extra warmth with the oven, plan a cold meal or cook outside. Summer weather is perfect for picnicking or firing up the barbeque. Grab an icy drink, head to the beach or simply dunk your feet in a bucket. Slow down, relax and take advantage of what summer has to offer.


Stay cooler in bed. When it comes to those hot summer nights keep your body temperature down, turning your 'hot' water bottle into a cold one. Pop it into the freezer or cover yourself with damp towel for an icy blast. Choosing natural fibres such as wool, cotton or bamboo for bedding and bed clothes ensures that any moisture will be drawn away from your body, evaporating and keeping you cool.


Plan ahead. Next summer will be hot too. Consider investing in ceiling insulation to keep your house cool. If the cost is prohibitive, strategic garden plantings or outdoor blinds can be highly effective, particularly on the west and east sides of your home, preventing scorching rays beating on windows and walls.