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Boost your immunity ready for the holiday season

Boost your immunity ready for the holiday season

Yay - its holiday time! Traditionally, the Christmas and New Year break is the chance to get away and enjoy a relaxing break with family and friends - it is certainly not the ideal time to find yourself rundown and exhausted, unable to muster the energy to move from the couch. After a frantic lead up to the festive season - the last minute shopping, late nights at Christmas parties, pressure to finish projects before taking leave and maybe even the occasional overindulgence - it is hardly surprising that many of us begin our holidays with a weakened immune system that is vulnerable to any passing germ.


Start your holiday season the right way: boost your immunity with these simple tips. Not only will you survive the 'silly season', you will feel fabulously energised, ready to enjoy every minute of your well-deserved break.

Stress lowers immunity and reduces our ability to fight off infection. Planning minimises last minute stress and helps you to get things done by breaking down your 'to do' list into achievable blocks. Make a list of all that needs to be done and add a realistic time frame. Remember it is ok to delegate.


A great way to keep your mind and body healthy is to be active. No matter how busy you find yourself, make time each day for at least 30 minutes of exercise. A quick walk in your lunch break is the perfect way to grab a little fresh air and exercise, and it will boost your mood for the afternoon ahead.


The immune system is fuelled by the food we eat. A well balanced, healthy diet provides the essential nutrients required to produce antibodies and fight infection. The delicious food and a few extra drinks that often accompany the festive season can quickly sabotage a usually heathy diet. Opting for small portions allows you to indulge and helps limit any adverse effects to your immunity.


Good sleep is essential to good health. Possibly the best way to keep your immunity level high is to ensure you are achieving adequate sleep. While the holiday season brings challenges that will threaten your schedule, when you are able stick to your sleep routine - it will help to fight off any bugs that are headed your way!