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Choosing the perfect summer bedding

Choosing the perfect summer bedding

Sleeping in summer isn't always easy. Whilst we love the sun shining during the day, which improves our mood and brightens our day, when it is hot at night it can cause us to have a restless and uncomfortable night's sleep. Choosing the right bedding and bed linen for summer can help keep you cool during the long, hot summer nights and help to regulate your sleeping.

Here are our insider tips for choosing the right summer bedding.


Natural vs. Synthetic Quilt Covers
Quilt covers made with natural fibres are more breathable than synthetic alternatives. Natural materials such as cotton or linen are light and will keep you feeling fresher throughout the night as they encourage ventilation. For your best bet in summer bedding, opt for quilt covers made from natural fibres.


Cotton and Linen Sheets
Cotton or cotton blends such as sateen, percale and jersey are very popular choices as the ideal summer fabric for your bed linens. Typically we launder our linens more regularly during the summer months and cotton is very durable for frequent washing.
Linen sheets are also a popular option for summer as they are extremely light. The only downside with linen sheets and quilt covers is that they can crinkle and wrinkle very easily, which makes it a slightly more high-maintenance option!


Thread Count: is higher necessarily better in summer?
The assumption goes that the higher the thread count, the better or more luxurious the sheet set will be. For the summer months, higher thread counts however are not always the best option. Linen with high thread counts can reduce the breathability of the fabric you're sleeping in, meaning that heat gets trapped and you may actually be warmer! Instead, when choosing your summer bedding, opt for a middle of the range thread count - around the 300-400 mark.


Sheet colour
Lighter coloured sheets and quilt cover sets tend to stay cooler as they reflect any sunlight that pours into your room during the day. Darker colour sheet sets will absorb and trap the heat from any light throughout the day. If you like getting into cool, crisp sheets at the end of a long hot day; opt for lighter and more natural colours such as whites and beiges.


Are you the type who wakes up in the morning with your quilt on the floor after a night of hot sleep? It's likely the quilt you are using is just too hot and heavy for the warmer months. Consider using one of our lovely wool cotton summer quilts that are not only light but the wool and cotton blended filling ensures maximum breathability, so you stay cool and dry. We also have a wool cotton quilt for kids.