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Feeling the heat? Here are 5 tips to sleep cooler

Feeling the heat? Here are 5 tips to sleep cooler

Another scorching summer night spent tossing and turning, trying to find the coolest spot in the bed. Sound familiar? When it comes to achieving some quality summer sleep, there are a few tips and tricks that can help cool you enough to hopefully catch a few zzz's. If the hot weather is keeping you awake at night, read on we have a few great tips to sleep cooler even if you don't have an air conditioner.

Start early - if you know the temperature is going to skyrocket, it's a good idea to beat the heat. Shut your windows and close your curtains early in the morning to prevent that hot outside air entering your home. Keep them tightly shut until the air cools in the evening.


Prepare for sleep - it can take longer to fall asleep on hot nights, so allow yourself some extra time to relax and unwind. Ensure you are properly hydrated before bed to minimise sleep disruption. And, while it sounds counterintuitive, a hot shower prior to bedtime can actually help you to feel cooler in bed.


Create airflow - perspiration is the body's cooling mechanism. When you feel hot and sweaty, air movement from an open window or fan evaporates the moisture and helps to cool your skin. For an extra cool breeze, try placing a tray of ice or iced water in front of your fan.


Head to the freezer - take advantage of your freezer. Grab an ice pack or fill your hot water bottle with water and freeze it. You can then use it to cool your toes. Feet are sensitive to temperature and cooling them can provide rapid relief from the heat. If you have space, try freezing your sheets and pillowcase before hopping into bed. If not, dampen a sheet, towel or flannel to use as a cold compress.


Consider your bed - bedding and bed clothes made with natural fibres help your skin to breathe and keep you cool as you sleep. Linen, cotton and wool are all good choices. At MiniJumbuk we have created the perfect blend of wool and cotton to fill our summer Sleep System. The natural cooling properties of cotton complement the breathability of wool in our Super Cool quilt, Sleep Cool mattress protector and Breathe pillow.

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