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Give your mum the best gift this Mothers day - sleep

Give your mum the best gift this Mothers day - sleep

With Mother's Day looming there is still time to organise your own special way to recognise and celebrate everything that your mum contributes to your life. While many mums will love a stunning bunch of flowers, a delicious box of chocolates or simply spending the day sharing a meal with family, why not give your mum the best gift of all - sleep.


Sleep revitalises the body and recharges the mind. As we sleep the body repairs. Cells and muscles regenerate allowing us to waken refreshed, eyes bright and skin glowing. After all the sleepless nights you have given your mum, indulge her this Mother's Day - a lovely long sleep in, a special breakfast and a fabulous present to improve her sleep every night. MiniJumbuk has some ideas to get you started.


Lavender - Ease mum into a deep, restful sleep with a gently scented, lavender Wheatbags Love wheat bag or eye pillow. With aromatherapy increasingly being used to reduce stress and induce relaxation, this is a perfect gift for some snuggly warmth and great sleep.


Herbal tea - Peppermint, ginger and chamomile teas are some of the tea flavours known for their calm, soothing effect on the nervous system. Combine a pretty cup or mug with a box of Mum's favourite tea to make her smile at your thoughtfulness.


A Journal - Taking a few minutes for reflection at the end of each day can help prevent bothersome thoughts disturbing you throughout the night. Inspire your mum's creative side with a beautifully bound diary or notebook.


Bedding - Improve your mum's sleep with the gift of new bedding. Whether you choose new sheets, pillows or pyjamas, ensure you select a natural breathable fibre like wool, cotton or bamboo for the ultimate in comfort and luxury.


Meditation & yoga- Help your mum to relax and unwind with a gift voucher for some yoga classes. A daily exercise regime promotes quality sleep and has long lasting benefits for overall health. Gentle stretching, yoga or mediation before bed stills the mind for a long night of blissful, uninterrupted sleep.