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How to freshen up my product after storing

How to freshen up my product after storing

As the days grow longer and the nights become warmer, the time is near to exchange your deliciously warm winter quilt for your lovely, cool and light summerquilt, or maybe you are expecting guests and need to haul the spare quilt out of storage to prepare for their arrival. Whatever the occasion, before you make the bed, why not try these handy hints for freshening up your bedding.


Wool loves fresh air and sunshine. MiniJumbuk recommends airing your product outside in a gentle breeze, on a warm sunny day for two to three hours. As you hang it, give your product a light spritz with some fabric freshener or water - you may like to add a little eucalyptus or tea tree oil to the water for that added garden-fresh smell. Similar to the way hair frizzes in rainy weather, this moisture will help revitalise the crimp of the wool fibres, ensuring peak performance from your product. If your product is able to be tumble-dried, you may prefer to dry it on a low setting for 15 minutes after spritzing. Ensure you check the care label first - not all products are suitable for tumble drying. Regular airing reduces the need for washing, and helps prolong the life of your quilt or mattress topper.


Many of us store our bedding products throughout the year. Storing your products correctly will assist in maintaining its loft and warmth. MiniJumbuk suggest that quilts, mattress toppers and pillows are stored in a breathable bag, in a dry and well ventilated space. Airing your products prior to storage and again when you retrieve them will reward you with long lasting, fresh smelling products that are a pleasure to sleep with.