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How to make your bed in 5 easy steps

How to make your bed in 5 easy steps

There's more to learning how to make a bed than simply pulling on some sheets and a quilt.


A well-made bed makes a big style statement, whether you like a high-end hotel look or something more cosy and casual. Making your bed involves choosing comfortable bed linens that appeal to your sense of style, and layering them properly to achieve a dreamy, inviting result.


Here are our 5 simple steps that will make you a pro in no time!


Mattress Protector or Topper
If you have a comfortable, top of the range mattress, we suggest you use a mattress protector to prolong the life of your mattress. A MiniJumbuk wool protector will provide an all-natural solution to protect your mattress. Alternatively if your mattress is uncomfortable or you suffer with aches and pains, we recommend using a MiniJumbuk wool mattress topper, which will help to provide comfort, regulate sleeping temperature and relieve pressure points.


Fitted Sheet
More or less self-explanatory, putting down your fitted sheet is the next step to making the perfect bed. Sheets will be right up against your skin, so make sure they're soft and comfortable, preferably in cotton with a high thread count.


Flat Sheet
A flat sheet is a great way to provide additional warmth and a clean layer between you and your quilt. Start off by laying your flat sheet on top of your mattress, allowing the remaining length of it to drape off the end of the bed. Tuck the remaining length underneath and then fold the edges under the same way you would a gift you were wrapping. Continue tucking the remainder of the sides under.


For colder months, a wool quilt is a must-have. Place the quilt in its cover on top of your flat sheet. Ensure you have some great quilt covers that tie in to the style and colour pallet of your room and any accessories you are going to use. It's very on trend to choose a quilt that is the next size up to your mattress (so a King quilt for a Queen mattress) as this allows a nice amount of overhang on the sides of your mattress. Make sure the overhang is equal on both sides of the mattress.


Pillows and a throw
Place the sheet set pillowcases over the pillows you use for sleeping, and then place the pillowcases that match the quilt cover over an extra pair of pillows for decoration. You can also accessorise with pillows in various sizes to take a bed from modern and minimal to cosy and bold. Large, square European-style pillows are great for adding a decorative touch that anchors the bedding to the headboard. Have fun with decorative throw pillows, adding in a pop of colour or pattern. If you're feeling fancy, add a throw rug to the base of the bed.