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How to select the perfect pillow

How to select the perfect pillow
When it comes to uninterrupted sleep, choosing the perfect pillow is essential. Considering the incredible range available in today's market, the choice can be utterly confusing. With years of experience helping our customers achieve their best possible sleep, MiniJumbuk has gathered a list of our best tips to help you select a pillow that is just right.
Pillow preferences are very personal, so when it comes to investing in a great night's sleep, consider the following before deciding on your dream pillow.
What type of pillow do you like?
Choose a pillow that feels right for you. If you prefer the softness of microfibre, it is unlikely that a firm memory foam pillow will suit your needs. Likewise, if you love sleeping with a low profile pillow do not let the salesperson convince you that the top of the range high profile pillow is the one for you.
What is your sleeping position?
Most of us will move around as we sleep, however your preferred sleeping position can be a great indicator of the height of a pillow you need. To avoid back and neck pain while sleeping, look for a pillow that provides good support and maintains correct spinal alignment. Generally tummy, back and smaller framed sleepers need a lower profile while high profile pillows are better suited to broad shoulders and side sleepers.
What level of comfort and support do you prefer?
Really soft pillows may have a high level of comfort but offer minimal support. Likewise supportive pillows can feel like you are sleeping on rocks. The best pillows offer a balance. The unique properties of wool or cotton covered pillows will offer extra comfort, keeping your face and neck cool and dry as you sleep.
What is your budget?
Price can reflect the quality and life span of a pillow. Often a more expensive item may be a better choice long term: usually crafted from superior, more durable materials they will last far longer than cheaper options and need replacing less frequently.
Do you have any other considerations?
Children with their small bodies will benefit from a pillow designed especially for kids, while pregnant women may prefer an additional pillow to support their tummy whilst they sleep. Asthma and allergy suffers can take advantage of the many options that offer anti-microbial protection to reduce dust mite colonisation and minimise bacteria growth.
MiniJumbuk has the ideal pillow for everyone. You will sleep more soundly knowing that they are all proudly Australian made and come with a 2 year guarantee. Find your perfect pillow at