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The importance of a good sleep routine

The importance of a good sleep routine

While sleep is considered essential to good health and wellbeing, achieving good sleep as you age can become increasingly difficult. Remember when you were a kid and your mum enforced her strict bedtime routine? Well, maybe she was on to something!


The human body craves consistency. Our circadian rhythm - the body's internal clock - is responsible for when and how the body functions and the key driver for this is the daily cycle of light and darkness. The closer we are able to align day to day activities with sunlight hours, the better the chance we have of being the best version of ourselves.


Realistically, for most people following a stringent daily routine is impractical. However, developing a routine that offers some flexibility can improve our health and be extremely beneficial to our wellbeing. Introducing a routine, allows our bodies to prepare. When activities are carried out regularly the body begins to anticipate our actions. Regular meal times are kind to our digestive system, as are regular bedtimes. As it becomes light we naturally become more alert. As darkness falls, we relax and unwind in preparation for a good night's sleep.

Poor sleep has been linked with increased levels of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and depression. Any choice that leads to better quality sleep will have ongoing benefits for good health. Reward yourself and improve your health - incorporate some routine in your day. MiniJumbuk has a few tips to get you started with a simple bedtime routine.