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Memory foam causing night sweats

Memory foam causing night sweats

While memory foam is a great choice for an extremely comfortable and supportive mattress, it is not always a brilliant choice for a restful and relaxing night's sleep. Memory foam is a wholly synthetic material that uses body heat to warm the mattress, giving it the flexibility required to mould to the individual shape and provide the ideal support.


Unfortunately, as with many man-made materials, memory foam is not breathable and there is nowhere for all that body heat to go. Combine your warm mattress with its lack of absorptive qualities and before you know it, you are lying awake tossing and turning, night after night, hot and sweaty and unable to sleep. Rest assured that if you have just spent a small fortune on a new memory foam mattress and haven't slept a wink since, all is not lost. If night sweats are depriving you of quality sleep, MiniJumbuk has a simple remedy - wool.

Wool is a natural, breathable fibre with many amazing properties. Wool is able to absorb up to 30 percent of its weight in moisture without feeling damp or clammy. When you perspire, wool absorbs the moisture and then uses its wicking ability to draw that moisture away from the skin. The body's own temperature regulation system is enhanced as the absorbed moisture evaporates in to the air keeping your skin dry and you cool and comfortable.


To simply keep night sweats at bay and improve your sleep quality add wool to your bed. A mattress protector offers soft, cushioning wool to noticeably cool your bed by creating a breathable layer between you and your too warm mattress. If you prefer a little more comfort choose a wool mattress topper, offering all the benefits of temperature regulation with extra layers of luxury.
For your favourite memory foam pillow, select a woollen pillow protector. Again, the wool will draw any moisture away from your head, face and neck allowing you to rest naturally all night. Complete the transformation of your bed with the inclusion of a wool quilt.


Surround yourself with wool - there will be no more waking up clammy while wool keeps you cool dry and comfortable.