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Napping is good for you

Napping is good for you

Naps, even short ones, can yield some great benefits. A daytime power nap can improve memory in much the same way regular sleep does, studies have found. Napping can also improve brain function and promote physical and mental recovery. Naps have also been found to boost mood and creativity.


Most humans have amalgamated sleep into one time period (night time), but our bodies are actually hardwired for two periods of sleepiness, so a nap between 2pm-4pm fits within your body's natural rhythm.


During short naps, try sitting upright, particularly if you want to jump right back into work when you wake. Studies have shown that laying down increases the chances you'll fall into deeper sleep.


Although an hour of sleep in the afternoon might be ideal, chances are you don't have the time or the room under your desk! Thankfully a 10-to-20 minute nap will do if you want to feel refreshed. The good news is, it's become less taboo to sleep at work. Perhaps that's because fatigue-related productivity losses cost employers an estimated $2,000 per employee per year.


Napping rooms are popping up at offices, and open office plans often include space for phone calls or privacy that could double as sleeping space.

So why not start afternoon napping today?