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Quilt Buying guide: best quilts to buy

Quilt Buying guide: best quilts to buy

Firstly is to consider the filling. Naturally we think wool is the best filling because it really is a wonder fibre, we like to call it nature's miracle fibre! Wool is extremely durable, long lasting and a good choice for children who have a tendency to overheat under other types of quilts.


There are four common fillings, the natural ones being, wool, feather & down and cotton, and the fourth filling is synthetic, usually polyester. There are also some other unusual fillings such as recycled plastic, bamboo and silk.


Quilts with natural fillings are generally soft, light and comfortable and allow your skin to breathe. They are also resilient and tend to last longer than those with synthetic fillings. Synthetic is a practical choice if your quilt is likely to require frequent washing. The more that a quilt is washed the shorter its effective lifespan- as washing is an increased wear and tear on the quilt. The best way to keep your quilt fresh is to frequently air it out on a warm breezy day, this will help to refresh your quilt.

Quilts generally come in the following sizes

  • Cot 100x120cm
  • Single 140x210cm
  • Double 180x210cm
  • Queen 210x210cm
  • King 245x210cm
  • Super King 240cmx270cm

Many people these days tend to purchase the next size up quilt compared to their mattress size which allows more drape over the edges of the mattress and more quilt for quilt hoggers! For King Single beds we recommend a Double size quilt.


The change of seasons is usually the major trigger for purchasing a new quilt. In summer, quilts get changed for a lighter variant and in winter, it's back to a much warmer one. Our recommendations for the best winter wool quilt are our Warm and Thermal wool quilts, both are perfect for chillier winter nights.